Hi, my name is Diego

"I'm a 22-year-old Digital Marketer & Web Designer interested in pursuing a career in the field of Paid Advertising. With my two years of experience designing websites, and one year of experience running digital ads across  Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, I have grown to love the process of creating, launching, and optimizing digital ads for local business owners with the goal of acquiring leads and increasing sales for their business. My goals in the field of Digital Marketing are big. I'm well aware that there is still a lot more for me to learn and grow from in order to reach the next level, but I am willing to put in the work necessary in order to do so."


Facebook Ads

Managed and Optimized Facebook ads - Reduced CPC/CPV, increased relevance score with high-quality video content alongside location, interest targeting, and A/B Split testing.

Google Ads

Managed and Optimized Google Ads - Reduced CPC, implemented proper account structure, and increased relevant traffic through keyword research and negative keywords.

YouTube Ads

Created and Integrated a local business's YouTube channel to the Google Ads platform in order to run high-quality video ads targeting locals with the goal of capturing leads.


Designed and optimized websites for local businesses using WordPress to help capture leads, convert sales and showcase their business professionally online.


Structured websites to rank with On and Off-Site SEO strategies such as optimizing website rankings on search engines based on Keyword Research using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Google Analytics

Incorporated Analytics on client's websites to asses visitor behavior, track conversions and make adjustments to paid campaigns or organic search strategies.


Created marketing funnels by retargeting potential customers based on Video Watch %'s, Email Signups, and Landing Page visits.


Implemented strategies to display a company's message in a clear, familiar, and relevant manner to persuade potential customers to take action.

Lead Generation

Ran campaigns as well as optimized websites for capturing leads in order to retarget them with Email Campaigns, Facebooks Ads, Phone Calls and Text Messages.



A website designed to help with marketing strategies for a local privately owned gym.

Powerhouse Gym - Local Business

Basic Vegan

An eCommerce site I built for an influencer looking to sell her T-Shirts online.

Basic Vegan - Online Store

Vita Visuals

A website created for a local photographer to display his work for potential clients to see.

Vita Visuals - Photography


An app startup focused on tackling the issue of food waste in America.

PeriDeals - App Startup

athena and apollo

A lifestyle coaching website offering personalized workout and meal plans.

Athena & Apollo - Fitness Coaches


Diego Ugalde - Digital Marketer & Web Designer

I started off in this field in 2017 after teaching myself how to create websites using WordPress. I took on a couple of projects of my own and soon after I was offering my services to small local businesses and freelancers in the Los Angeles area.

It was in 2018 however that I came across Digital Marketing and thought it would be a great skill set to combine with Web Design in order to enhance my services to local businesses by not only designing beautiful websites but also websites optimized for ranking on search engines and converting online visitors into leads and soon after clients.

I've spent thousands of dollars on online courses and books, teaching myself as much as I could in the field of Digital Marketing. Skills such as structuring Digital Ads, Copywriting, SEO, Landing Page Optimization, Email Marketing, and so much more. There is still a lot more for me to learn and with an industry that is always changing I know that the learning will never end, and I love that because it keeps me on my toes.

Now I've come to a point where I want to join and become a part of a team. To take what I have learned and apply it to the real world to help local business owners use the power of the internet to help launch their business to the next level. At the moment I am working with a local gym as a client but I'm interested in accelerating my growth and knowledge by joining a team of motivated Digital Marketers that I can work and grow alongside.



Google Ads Fundamentals

Certificate ID: 35703225

Google Search

Google Search Ads Certificate

Certificate ID: 35703238

AdWords Course

Ultimate Google Ads / AdWords Udemy Course

Taught By: Isaac Rudansky | Co-founder of AdVenture Media


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